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Injury Lawyers · Chronic Pain

Personal Injury Lawyers for Victims of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is generally considered pain that persists for a period longer than six months. This pain can be mild on some occasions, and severe in others. The pain can range depending on certain days and activities, which causes significant hardship on an individual’s ability to live their life.

Chronic pain can be felt anywhere in the body. The pain experienced is often feelings of discomfort, aching, burning, soreness, with other symptoms including fatigue, trouble sleeping, change in mood, anxiety, stress, and fear. This pain can develop from an illness, trauma, or injury as a result of an accident. It can also develop from no discernible illness, trauma, or injury, but from psychological injuries such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder.

Even after an injury has seemingly healed, individuals may continue to feel pain in specific areas. This pain may persist for days, weeks, years, or in worst-case scenarios, for life. This poses increased barriers to individuals whose pain is no longer supported by objective data but continues to affect them in their everyday life. The most common causes of chronic pain are due to injuries sustained from motor vehicle accidents, as well as slip and fall accidents.

It can be very frustrating and exhausting trying to explain pain symptoms. Chronic pain can affect a person’s enjoyment of life and stand in the way of their ability to make a living. That is why the team at MacIsaac Gow is here to offer their expertise to get you the compensation you need and deserve!

What You Can Do:

It is no secret that chronic pain is more difficult to prove in comparison to cases where there is a visible, objective injury. However, here are some things you can do to help build a strong case in order to receive compensation:

  • Document your pain, noting its severity, consistency, and frequency as soon as you start to feel pain following an accident.
  • See your family physician or a medical practitioner and share your concerns to receive a medical diagnosis.
  • Contact MacIsaac Gow LLP as soon possible! They will advise you on the best course of action to take in order to get compensation for your injury.
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I am extremely grateful to Fraser Gow for his dedication and genuine concern for me and my case. He showed empathy and advocated for me from the very beginning! I always felt like I was in great care and represented by the best law firm! Fraser, words alone cannot express my gratitude to you…but THANK YOU! Without a doubt, I highly recommend him!
20:05 30 Sep 22
The staff of this law firm has been an excellent and very cooperative. Especially Mr. Fraser Gow made me very comfortable, he has been very patient while listening to my views and he has been explaining very clearly the step by step process about my car accident case. He has been delivering the goods with on par excellence.Job well done.I highly recommend this law firm.
Abdul Vahab Farjana Begum
Abdul Vahab Farjana Begum
12:12 29 Sep 22
Thank you to Fraser Gow and his team for all their efforts and hard work. They were amazing to work with. Fraser was professional and went above and beyond to make sure I understood the process. I highly recommend Fraser and his team!
Ivy Wong
Ivy Wong
18:03 25 Nov 22
Great experience dealing with this law firm. Fraser himself is a pleasure to do business with, and honest and straightforward. He explained everything well and was with me every step of the way. Kudos for a job well done. Highly recommended this firm.
Jay Pillai
Jay Pillai
16:49 22 Jun 22
I used Fraser Gow for a personal injury lawsuit. This guy was kind and compassionate, explained the whole process many times over with no hesitation until I fully understood the process.Covid held thing up for us, but finally after all said and done I agreed with a settlement and have been paid out.Thanks Fraser and team
Mike Aitken
Mike Aitken
21:25 24 Aug 22

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