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When it comes to pet owners, their beloved canine companions are their entire world. From guiding them through training to paying attention to their well-being, pet parents establish an everlasting bond with their pups by investing time and affection. So naturally, they also expect others to treat their pets the same way and adhere to the state’s leash laws to safeguard both their and other pets simultaneously.

But what if your furry friend falls victim to an attack by another aggressive dog? Not to mention, this can be emotionally challenging to deal with and could also result in severe injuries along with considerable veterinary bills. Dog parents who are in such a situation often ask one question: can I pursue legal action in such distressing circumstances? 

Well, the answer is yes; by consulting with a dog bite injury lawyer, you can gain a better understanding of your rights. This blog post will cover everything related to dog bite incidents and discuss the essential steps you can initiate in such a situation.

Who bears responsibility for dog attack cases?

Ontario’s Dog Owners’ Liability Act (DOLA) regulates dog attacks. In fact, in Brampton, Ontario, dog attack laws are pretty strict and straightforward at the same time. Under the Dog Owners’ Liability Act of Ontario, pet guardians are legally responsible for safeguarding their beloved pets from causing harm to others or damaging property. 

However, if the dog has hurt someone in those cases, the animal’s owner will be held responsible for the pet’s actions. Here, the pet owner is accountable for covering various expenses, such as veterinary care bills, boarding costs, or other associated costs associated with the dog. Although claiming compensatory damages for pain and suffering can be challenging but not impossible, if the vet expenses are too high or the pal’s value is high enough, it may be worth submitting a lawsuit against the owner of the other dog directly. 

The Act also defines specific regulations for certain breeds of dogs recognized for their aggressive behaviours, such as Pitbull. Ontario has a couple of rules mainly designed for pit bull owners. It’s illegal to own a pit bull unless you owned it before the law was amended. In those cases, when you own a pit bull that falls under the “grandfathered” category, it is necessary for you to use a muzzle when the dog is outside your property and to have it sterilized to prevent breeding.

It’s important to note that the responsibility for a dog attack in Canada may vary by province and territory. So, staying in touch with your legal experts or authorities to gain better clarity about dog bite regulations is always recommended.

Steps to take following a dog attack 

You must follow specific steps when you witness your dog being attacked by another dog. Here are some of the crucial steps:

    • Seek veterinary care

Our cherished dogs are integral family members, and paying attention to their health must be our top priority. When another aggressive dog attacks your pet, it becomes vital to immediately look for veterinary care, especially when the injuries are much more severe. 

  • Document the Incident
    Legal battles can be highly complex. Here, evidence can be game-changers in such cases, significantly influencing the likelihood of a successful outcome. So, click pictures of the injuries along with the location to document and strengthen your case. Besides this, document all medical treatments administered to your pup, keep copies of all bills and transactions, and request that the vet document the dog attack in their medical report. Like any other case, documents are crucial in offering a clear picture of the incident.
  • Gather details of dog attack incidents
    It is absolutely crucial for you to identify the owner of the dog that causes harm to your pup. If you have decided to file a legal lawsuit against the owner, you must at least have the essential details about the owner.Here, try to obtain the details of the other dog owner, including their contact information, insurance information, and the dog’s name.
  • Report the attack
    Once done with the aforementioned steps, you must consider reporting the attack to the nearest authorities. If you want, you can contact the Brampton local Animal Control to submit a dog bite report. Remember, this is one of the significant steps that will assist you in taking some legal action.


Pet owners must adhere to the state’s leash laws to safeguard their and other pets simultaneously. However, if another aggressive dog attacks your pup, immediately prioritize your furry baby’s well-being by seeking veterinary care. If you decide to file a lawsuit against the dog owner, reach out to MacIsaac Gow LLP for expert legal guidance following a dog bite. We will help you learn more about your case and evaluate the maximum compensation you deserve.